Live Xoc Dia: The Fun Begins Here!

Xoc Dia is the most popular gambling game of Vietnamese played by using coins 4, along with various coloured faces, a cup, and a plate. The coins generally get placed by the dealers on plates and cover it using a bowl, then shake frequently to move while people place bets. After the closing of placed bets and before eliminating the bowl, dealers shake plates and bowl for one last time to reveal the colors that eventually emerged on the coins.

If we translate Xoc Dia into English, it says ‘shake the plate’ It doesn’t matter if playing Live Xoc Dia or on Vietnam’s streets rules of this game are generally quite similar. The purpose of this game is to anticipate correctly how many tokens will be white or red once they show up. So, it’s like each time you place a bet, you are either betting on white or red.

Some Foremost Tips To Win At Live Xoc Dia:

  • Bet on yet odd reds or red
  • Supervise your bankroll
  • Before sitting down and sticking to it, set a firm limit. The game is fast and fun that easily makes you lose track of spending.

Even though the rules are alike for xoc dia, playing it online is way safer than the streets of Vietnam.